Schoolwork overload & a quick trip

Hi guys! I hope you all had a nice weekend?

Although my last blogpost went up just 4 days ago, I feel like I have so much to write about already. I think the biggest reason why is because it has been so incredibly busy at school! As I told you in my first post, our class group was divided into six Dream Teams. And since that day we’ve been working non stop!

Every Dream Team has to write an e-book by the end of this semester. On Tuesday we handed in our first chapter. Because the feedback wasn’t that great, we’re currently improving it and handing it in again by next Tuesday. Also our second chapter, a short movie in which we talk more about sensor technology and how it can help building a community, has to be handed in by Tuesday.

At the same time we’re working at a second large project, together with our entire class group. As a final project we need to organize a webinar together on the 15th of December. Up to then we have to build our own community, and share relevant content multiple times a week. We decided to start a Facebookpage in order to do so.

My task as a community manager is (among other things) to help build and maintain the community. If you have an interest in communication or you just want to help me out, please give this page a like! Eternal gratitude in return.

The #GetConnected group 2016

Then there’s one more college-related thing want to tell you about in this blogpost: on Tuesday and Wednesday we had our first “pressure cooker”. These were two days in which we had to work really hard on mastering a subject we had never heard about before, and deliver an actual result.

This time the pressure cooker was all about sensor technology. First we had to come up with an idea, after which we had to make a paper prototype to visualize what we had in mind.

Our Dream Team’s paper prototype of “The Connecter”

Afterwards it was time to make a storyboard and build a real prototype. We experimented a bit with the (free) 3D design programme Tinkercad, on which we tried to recreate our prototype. When we had a better understanding of the programme, we started designing the components of our prototype that had to be made with the 3D printer (in our case the handles of the box).

Because our concept existed mostly out of a box, we didn’t have to use the 3D printer for everything. The box itself was easier to make with the lasercutter. The wooden box came out a lot bigger than we were planning on because we accidentally gave in the measurements in inches instead of centimeters… But hey, no worries.

To make the sensors work we also learned the basics of programming. Our Dream Team made a sensor where two fingerprint readers were connected to a little LED screen. We needed that sensor because our idea was to connect two persons’ fingerprints, so this way they could find out how much they had in common with each other in terms of interests.

Although our prototype wasn’t entirely finished by the deadline, we still received a 7/10. We had learned so much in just two days, and we are now able to make a prototype and explain our concept to others by using it.

Our finished storyboard


Experimenting with Tinkercad
3D printers in action
Stadslab Rotterdam, where we made our prototypes
Pokémon made with a lasercutter, placed at Gotcha Point (the computer)
Our (more or less) finished prototype

As we had such a busy week, I haven’t done much besides schoolwork. Because I live in Rotterdam now, I did watch the football game Feyenoord – Manchester United! (Well, on the computer, not in real life.) Feyenoord won the game with 1 – 0, so there was a lot of partying going on in the city. I stayed in because I was quite tired, but with the window open I could also experience the atmosphere a little, haha!

I hope that during my stay here, I will have the chance to attend a real match from Feyenoord at De Kuip. But until then I will just watch them on my laptop while eating dinner in my dirty pajamas…


That same day Sévan, Tereza and me went to The Hague and Scheveningen for a few hours. I wish we had more time though, I will probably go back there when Ben comes to visit me. To end this post I will share some pictures with you of how our day went and everything we saw there.

The peace garden in front of the Peace Palace, where thousands of people have hung their peace wish in a tree.
“Live and let others live” peace wish
Inside the Peace Palace visitor center
The Hague “Big Church”
The “Mauritshuis”
Me in front of the “Binnenhof”
The Hague
The Kurhaus at Scheveningen beach
The Kurhaus
The pier at Scheveningen beach
Scheveningen beach
Scheveningen beach

That’s it for now! Lots of love,




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