A little ill & a lot of me-time

Hi guys! What have you been up to? I haven’t really done any major things in the past week. I haven’t been feeling that well to be honest, so besides schoolwork I have been sleeping and watching a lot of Netflix in my dorm. Even though I mostly stayed in, I can tell you about a few things I did.

On Saturday the 24th of September, I decided to just walk around a little in the centre of Rotterdam. I randomly came across the statue on the picture below. Uhm… Can we all agree on the fact that it looks a little strange? It is meant to represent Santa Claus holding up a Christmas tree, but I mean… After taking a closer look at it I learned that it was “Santa Claus”, a statue made by Paul McCarthy. Apparently the people here refer to it as “Kabouter Buttplug”. I can see why.

The statue Santa Claus (also known as Kabouter Buttplug) by Paul McCarthy

Rotterdam is a city filled with statues and other art. I learned that this particular statue is part of a walking route named “Beeldenroute Westersingel”, in which you walk past 17 different statues. I’ll remember that for later, if I don’t know what to do one day. (And I’ll definitely report back to you if I do so.)

On Tuesday I went to the Markthal, as I had been craving a bubble tea for some reason. I almost never drink bubble tea, it had been a few years since I drank one, so I don’t even know why haha. I also did a little shopping at Wah Nam Hong while I was there, and I ate a little Vietnamese spring roll. (Because you know, food is love, food is life.)

Snapchat x bubble tea
Yes, I bought fortune cookies
Vietnamese spring roll from Wah Nam Hong

In the evening some friends and I decided to give the ESN party another try. First we played some games at Anse’s place, afterwards we went to the party by bike. On the way there a bird pooped on my shoulder, haha… Maybe that was a bad sign? The party itself was better than last time, however I still didn’t like it that much. The music wasn’t great, the drinks were expensive, the guys were annoying, … Oh well. Maybe next time I’ll try to convince the others to go to another place (I quite liked the Après Skihut).

Some fragments of my Snapchat story that evening
Applicable to the ESN party

Since Wednesday I haven’t been feeling that well, so I mostly stayed in my dorm room. Apart from schoolwork, doing laundry and cleaning, I watched a lot of Netflix. I also watched the First Presidential Debate this week. Even though both Trump and Hillary didn’t really impress me, I was really annoyed at Trump’s behavior and constant interrupting. I don’t know what to say about the upcoming elections, other than that I’m glad I’m not an American.

Today I went back to the Markthal. I decided to eat at Elliniko, a Greek restaurant. I had the Gyros plate and a Coke Zero: it was SO much food and it only costed €12 in total. I thought that was a good price for so much and such good food in the centre of Rotterdam! Although it was quite weird going to a restaurant on my own (I got asked multiple times if I was waiting on a date), I’m happy I went. No regrets, the food was definitely worth it.

Elliniko – The all day Greek
The original Gyros plate at Elliniko

Afterwards I bought some chocolates at Leonidas and I went shopping at the Bijenkorf. Because you know, shopping always makes you feel better, haha!  I ended up buying a new Chanel nail polish in a dark green (almost black) color and a new charm for my Pandora bracelet in the shape of a windmill. I thought this windmill would be a great souvenir to remind myself of my Erasmus period here in Rotterdam.

Belgian chocolate is the best chocolate
Chanel bags are so pretty
My purchases at the Bijenkorf

Now I’m just back in my bed, writing this post with Netflix playing in the background. I hope I will get better soon, as I have some exciting things coming up! But I will tell you more about that in my next post…

Bye for now! Lots of love,



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