Back to work

Hi guys! What’s up? I’m already missing the Autumn break, haha. Our classes started again on Monday, and they weren’t kidding around. Immediately back to work, they said. I guess I was quietly hoping our first week wouldn’t be as intensive, as it usually takes me a few days to get back into the (working) rhythm.

On Monday we had a lecture from Monique and a guest lecture from Raf Weverbergh, a Belgian communication strategist (who has also worked for Humo magazine for a long time – I love that magazine). On Tuesday we had a workshop Adobe InDesign from Megan Hoogenboom. The workshop was intensive, but I was amazed how much we managed to learn (and accomplish) in such a short period of time!

After the workshop I went for a walk near the Markthal, and of course to the Markthal itself. Back in my dorm I ate my take away sushi and then crawled into bed early because I was really tired. I hadn’t slept well the nights before – my bed at home is much more comfy as my bed here in Rotterdam for sure!

Next to the Markthal (first time I noticed, oops).
What I image to be Ben’s favorite food stall at the Markthal.


Feyenoord chocolate at the Markthal.
When your friends ask to go out in the evening but you’ve already been in bed since 6PM.

On Wednesday I had a day off. Because I was so tired the night before I took this opportunity to sleep in and to calmly do several small tasks that I had been postponing in the weeks before. And to watch Netflix in the evening of course. Thursday we had a consultation at college in the morning. Afterwards I went to buy groceries, did my laundry, and worked on a school assignment until I went to sleep.

Today is a much more exciting day. Ben is coming to Rotterdam for the weekend! I still have to work some more on the assignment, do the dishes, take a shower, get ready and pack some clothes, but I don’t really mind because in the evening he will finally be here. I know I just saw him during the autumn break, but I already miss him and I’m really looking forward to being with him over the weekend!

That’s all folks, I will get back to you soon. Bye for now! Lots of love,



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