The last mile is the longest

Hi guys! Again, long time no see. It has been harder than usual to keep this blog up to date, because lately we have been doing even more schoolwork! No wonder, considering the Erasmus period is almost coming to an end. All our big deadlines are slowly approaching:  the e-book has to be finished by Friday next week, and the webinar will take place on Thursday the 15th of December. And as they say, the last mile is often the longest!

Because of all the work I haven’t done as much other things as I wanted to do lately. No worries though, after the deadline of the e-book I will have much more time to explore and do fun stuff again. But until then, here’s what I have been doing besides schoolwork:

On Thursday the 3rd of November some of us went to Café Pol to celebrate we had just finished a part of our assignment. I had a fun evening with Paul, Frouke, Tereza, Anse, Janna, Gea, Federica and Valentina.
Nacho’s at Café Pol
It wasn’t a long night. After a few drinks some of us went to McDonald’s together and afterwards we all went home.
The weather is getting colder and more rainy, but oh well, that’s winter I guess! On Saturday the 5th of November I just went to the Markthal for groceries (and sushi) and I went for a short walk.
On Friday the 11th, our #GetConnected group attended the Privacy Seminar arranged by Hogeschool Rotterdam. I arrived on time, even after getting lost and walking around for about 45 minutes. But hey, here’s a picture I took along the way – before my phone died and the charger was broken again. Not the best day ever.
On Saturday the 12th of November, Valentina had her birthday party! I got a little too drunk, but all in all I had a great night with a lovely group of girls.
On Tuesday the 15th of November I went back home after class. The day after I decided to go to the hairdresser, so here’s a picture I snapped in the salon. Their decoration is always so unique and interesting!
And my hair is finally getting longer again, woohoo!

Today I will just be working some more on the design of the e-book, and do a little research for tomorrow. Tomorrow I have an interview for my internship, and although it is very exciting I am so stressed out by it! So if you read this, please think of me tomorrow and wish me luck (or even burn a candle when you’re at it) because there is a lot at stake! I will definitely report back when I know more myself.

Bye for now! Lots of love,



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