Most deadlines are (finally) over!

Hi guys! What have you all been up to? The past few days have (again) been very busy for me, but now that our e-book is finally finished I am going to have a lot more time again to do fun stuff. YAY!

In the past few days I also had to make two videos as an assignment for school. If you want to check them out: you can click here for the privacy quiz our group came up with, and click here for the video we made about privacy and big data. If you are curious about our e-book, you can read it here: ebook_dreamteam3.

Our dream team member Alper posing for our video.

Then there’s another thing I am very excited about: Christmas has arrived! I personally love Christmas time, so you can imagine that when Christmas lights started appearing in the streets, my inner child was cheering. And to think next week it is already time to start that chocolate Advent calendar!

Christmas decoration at the Koopgoot / Beurstraverse. Can you spot that screen on the left side in this picture? That is an interactive billboard / screen you can press to take a picture of yourself with the Christmas tree behind you! (That also explains the people posing in front of it, haha.)
Christmas lights in the dark.

Not only in the streets, but also in stores it is starting to get festive. This weekend has been a weird mix of Sinterklaas (a Dutch holiday), Black Friday (an American tradition that apparently also reached the Netherlands sales wise) and Christmas. As there are a lot of sales going on because of Black Friday, I decided to go shopping. Of course, from the five things I bought only two were on sale… Typically me.

I’m a sucker for pretty packaging! I ended up not buying this though. But then I did buy a Chanel nail polish (in the shade April), a Clinique mascara (needed a new one, mine run out), a white chocolate Tony’s Chocolonely bar (on the day it was released – not intentionally), a 375ml bottle of Veuve Clicquot champagne brut rosé (prepping for New Years) and a Christmas present for my mom.
Look at all those chocolate bars! (This is only one of the four shelves of Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate at De Bijenkorf, can you imagine?)
Possibly the smalles and cutest piece of marzipan I have ever seen.
For sure the biggest block of marzipan I have ever seen. (It was sold per 100 grams, not in one piece if you were wondering!)
I also met Sinterklaas at De Bijenkorf.
And when I finally went outside I witnessed the most beautiful colored sky.

Today I didn’t have anything to do, so I decided to go take a walk, do some more shopping and also look for a new pair of glasses (as I’ve had the same one for years and years now). There were two pairs of regular glasses and two pairs of sunglasses I really liked! I didn’t buy new ones yet as it was very busy in there, but on Friday I do have an appointment for an eye test so hopefully I will be able to buy new ones then. Below you can find some pictures I took today.



The market next to the Markhal.
A look inside the Ace&Tate store.


Trying on glasses at Ace&Tate.

So that is all I have been up to! Besides that I also want to say that it seems I am getting more clumsy each day. For example this week alone I set my pajamas on fire while trying to cook, I burned my wrist also trying to cook (on separate occasions) and I broke a glass while drying it. Just when I think I am finally getting less awkward, I get a reality check. Guess I’m just meant to be an awkward person for life, haha.


Oh and heads up, only 22 days until my Erasmus time is over! On the 18th of December my parents are coming to help me move out again and I’ll be back home. I can’t wait to celebrate the holidays at home and play board games with Ben again.

Missing Ben and playing board games together!

Bye for now! Lots of love,



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