Project Rotterdam South & I got the internship!

Hi guys! Can you believe it is already December? Time goes by so incredibly fast! I don’t really mind though, I am totally ready to be home again by Christmas and I am very excited for 2017 to start as it will be an exciting and eventful year for me. If I find the time, I will definitely write a blogpost on that too, something in the lines of “2017 goals” so you know what I’m talking about.

But for now, I’ll just write about my week here in Rotterdam. On Monday and Tuesday we had another pressure cooker, this time in Charlois, a place in Rotterdam South. Rotterdam South is the less developed side of Rotterdam with a high percentage of immigrants that fled their own countries, school dropouts, unemployment, teen pregnancies, and so on. Before we started working on our new project, we went for a walk to discover the neighbourhood we were working in/for.



One of our assignments was to look at people’s homes and see how much we could tell about their personalities just by the facade of the buildings.




After some lectures about Rotterdam South and childbirth, we were divided into groups to work for a project called Mama’s Garden. This project organizes activities for moms (to be), gets them in contact with other moms (to be) from their neighbourhood.

We were given questions like “How do we reach mothers (to be) that don’t know anyone in their neighbourhood and often do not master the Dutch or English language?” and “How do we unite fathers (to be)?”. Our group worked on the last question, and came up with a concept called Daddy’s Playground that organizes weekly activities for fathers (to be). We also made up a game to make the topic of fatherhood easier to talk about. (We also worked on the communication strategy and pitched the idea, but that would take us too far probably.)


At the end of the first day, RUAS / Hogeschool Rotterdam even bought us pizza! But hey, we deserved it though, we worked very hard.


The aftermath.

The rest of the week was filled with lots of little things I still had to do. I did some more Christmas shopping, walked around the city some more, made plans for the rest of my stay here in Rotterdam and ordered two pairs of glasses at Ace&Tate because I couldn’t decide which pair I liked best (oops). If you’re curious, I ordered the “Jay” glasses in Satin Silver and the “Wilson” glasses in Greyhound Grey!

An interesting shopwindow I passed in the Pannekoekstraat.
Antwerp posters are starting to pop up all over Rotterdam, it seems as they know I’m almost coming back!

Oh, and now that I am mentioning Antwerp: do you guys remember my interview two weeks ago? Well, I got some exciting news. I got the internship at Urban Management Antwerp (Stadsbeheer Antwerpen)! I am seriously so happy I could cry right now, as I really wanted to work for this beautiful city and now I have the chance to do so. 2017 is going to be the best year ever guys, I can feel it!

Bye for now! Lots of love,



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