Saying goodbyes & I moved back home

Hi guys! The holidays are coming very close, ey? I hope you are all well. Get ready for another longer blogpost, because guess what? This is my last Erasmus-related one. Yes that’s right, my Erasmus stay in Rotterdam is over and done! I am still in disbelief. Did the time fly by these past 4 months or what?

But let’s start this blogpost where I ended my last one, on December 8. On that day I went back home for the weekend, I didn’t really have any plans so I was dying to see Ben again… So I did. We spent the weekend at my parents’ house – sleeping in, watching TV and playing boardgames. Then, on Tuesday, I went back to Rotterdam for the very last time because we had to do a consultation about storytelling for another minor.


The day after I started packing. I realized I had gathered so much more stuff in that one room than I thought! I packed 2/3th of my belongings that day, the rest was for another time.


On December 15, it was the final day of our #GetConnected minor! We performed our webinar, had a feedback session and said our first goodbyes to some of our classmates. That was the exact moment when it started to hit me: we were actually almost going home, for real. Afterwards most of us went to the bar Proeflokaal Reijngoud together to have one last drink together. We ended the day by all going to Very Italian Pizza together for dinner.






The day after, I went to pick up my 2 pairs of glasses at Ace&Tate! It feels so good to see all small details of life again, I walked back home basically looking up at buildings the entire time. (I probably looked like an overenthusiastic toddler, haha.) Afterwards I did some more Christmas shopping and went to my dorm to pack some more. In the evening some of us (Federica, Valentina, Andrew, Gea, Janna, Anse and me) had arranged to have dinner at Little V together, which again was amazing! Then we went to Dudok together for an ice cream (that wasn’t a great success), and said some more goodbyes…






December 17 was my last full day in Rotterdam, so I wanted to take full advantage of it. After a lot of cleaning before noon (I even found a half empty Polish beer can still hiding above my curtain rails, left there by the previous owner), I definitely wanted to get out of my dorm. Federica, Valentina, Tereza, Sévan, Anse and me decided to go to Round and Round for pancakes – which were great by the way.








After saying some more goodbyes – Federica, Kelly and Anse went to Jamie’s Italian together for dinner (which was again amazing). After also saying goodbye to Federica it was time for something I had been looking forward to for a looooong time: we went to watch a football game at De Kuip!





So, my first time at De Kuip, what do I say… It was spectacular!* (*Well, after I had processed my fear of heights a little, because my god our seats were high up in the stadium.)


Kelly had arranged tickets for herself, Anse and me to go watch the game Feijenoord against Vitesse. She even brought Feijenoord scarves for us to borrow, so we would fit in a little more! Isn’t that just the sweetest thing ever? And then the atmosphere… People singing “niets is sterker dan dat ene woord: FEYENOORD” and the stadium shaking with every goal that was made, it was a super experience.



In the end Feijenoord won with 3-1, which only made everything better of course. Trying to get on a tram to go back to my dorm afterwards was a little harder to do, but still that wouldn’t stop me from going there again to see another football game!


This morning I woke up super early to pack my last things and to clean the rest of my room. My parents came to get me at 9AM, I took one last look inside my room and then handed in the key. Even though I was only there for 4 months and there were good times as well as bad ones, it’s always a strange feeling to leave “your” empty room… But still, I was happy to go back home again.




In the afternoon I went to see Ben: his godchild Liam turned 4 years old today so I just had to be there to celebrate! Now I’m just lying back in my own bed – and even though I still have some mixed feelings about leaving Rotterdam behind – it feels good to be back home.


Bye for now! Lots of love,



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