Life update #January2017

Hi guys! I hope you are all well? I just wanted to give you a few quick updates now that January is almost over. This month just flew by didn’t it?

Let’s start with a big announcement: Ben and I bought a building lot! On Tuesday, January 24th we went to real estate agency Vast&Goed to sign all the papers. I’m so happy that we can start making plans for our future together and that we’re staying in Geel, the city I was born and raised in. I’m very much excited, but for now I should probably stay focused on graduating instead of getting carried away with all this.



Second thing I thought I’d mention real quick is that I’ve started going to a dietitian. As I mentioned in my new year’s resolutions I really want to lose some weight again, and because it wasn’t working out on my own I decided to get some professional help. I’m still getting used to working out and eating healthy all the time, but I’m taking small steps in the right direction and sooner or later I’m sure I’ll get there! (I was told that believing in myself is important, so excuse me if I sound over-confident about this, haha!)


Besides that, school will start again on Monday. Together with 9 other girls I’m working on a project called “Antwerp – the Year of the Diamond”, which I’m very excited about. Slowly we are also getting more information about our internship at the end of the semester. It’s really started to sink in that (hopefully) I’ll be graduating in just 5 months!

Bye for now! Lots of love,



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