Life update #May2017

Okay guys, here I am with an update post! I realize my last post on here was AGES ago (3 months to be exact)… I’ve been so busy with my school project, internship, bachelor’s thesis and night school. Okay, I would be lying if I said I didn’t have any time to make a post on here, but on the rare occasions where I had a day off I decided to just relax instead.

Oh well, in this post I want to make up for the lack of updates. And even though it has been a few months, I don’t feel like a lot has happened to be honest. (Until there my eventful life, haha!)

A short recap of the past 3 months

Do you remember me talking about a group project called “Antwerp, Year of the Diamond”? Basically, 10 students (including me) came up with an interactive curriculum and syllabuses for children aged 10-12 and their teachers all about diamonds and Antwerp’s diamond district. It was such a fun project, and although we didn’t receive our grades yet, the client was very happy with the end result. And a happy client, equals a happy me!

On the 3rd of April I started my internship at Urban Management Antwerp (Stadsbeheer Antwerpen). It has been an incredible experience for me! My colleagues gave me many opportunities to learn all different kinds of things: internal communication, taking interviews, introducing new colleagues, external communication, press releases, press moments, …

I’ve learned so much as a Commercial Communications student in a Public Relations environment, and that’s exactly what I wanted to get out of this experience. Next week will be my 9th and last week of my internship, then I can spend all my time on the bachelor’s thesis that has to be finished before the 16th of June.


Besides that, I also have my final exam Human Resource Management from night school on the 30th of May. I’m stressing out a bit, but it will be okay though. However I am thinking of just focussing on my internship and bachelor’s thesis now, and doing a resit of the exam in the summer months (when I have the time to properly study for it instead of hurrying it now).

What’s next on my agenda?

So besides the end of my internship, the upcoming deadline of my bachelor’s thesis and the Human Resource Management exam that I’ll probably postpone until July or August, there’s some other exciting things coming up.

First of all, I will (hopefully) be graduating on the 29th of June! I am so ready to start looking for a full time job and to start the next chapter of my life. Although I’ve been browsing online for jobs, I haven’t applied for one yet. I’m kind of hesitating: should I already start applying for jobs that really interest me, or should I wait until I am 100% sure I will be graduating in June? (Your advice is welcome!)

Also, I decided to treat myself for all the hard work in the past few years, so guess what: we’re going on a trip to New York in September! Going to the United States has been on my bucket list for ages and now it’s finally happening. Ben isn’t as excited about it as I am (he doesn’t like big crowds of people), but he’s willing to go along with me which I’m very happy about. (What people do for love, haha!)

That’s all for now. I promise from now on I will be more frequent with the blogposts again, although I’m not sure what kind of content I want to publish… As many of you know this started out as an Erasmus blog, to share my experiences of studying abroad. Now that my Erasmus stay is over I am struggling to find a new direction for it… But I’ll be back!

Lots of love,



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