Professional portfolio

This blog is not only fun for me to write and to maintain, I also believe it can be an advantage to have when job-hunting. Not only can you get to know me more personally through the things I write, it also shows my English writing skills and you can click through to my other social media accounts for an impression of my social media footprint. But of course, having a blog on its own is not enough.

Although I am not looking for a job just yet, I hope to graduate in June 2017 so why not be prepared for when I do? On this page you can find a summary of interesting projects I have worked on and acknowledgements I have received during my time at Artesis Plantain Hogeschool and Hogeschool Rotterdam. Please also check out my LinkedIn account, as most of my educational and professional experiences are listed on there!

#GetConnected2016 The Webinar

During my Erasmus exchange in Rotterdam, one of the main assignments we had at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences was to organise a webinar with our entire #GetConnected group at the end of the minor. Our head teachers were Monique Abbenbroek and Komala Mazerant.

The webinar took place on December 15th, 2016 and covered some of the topics we covered in our lectures as well as The Network Society in general. You can still check out the Facebook page as well as re-watch the webinar.

Behind the scenes of the webinar.
How the webinar looked on-screen.

E-book “Your start-up in our network society”

Another one of our main assignments at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences was to create an e-book in groups of 4 international students. In the e-book we had to combine the course material of our #GetConnected programme with additional information acquired through deskresearch.

Together with Kelly Becker (Dutch student), Alper Çeşmecik (Turkish student) and Tereza Antoňová (Czech student) I wrote this e-book for start-ups, named “Your start-up in our network society”. I designed the e-book on my own, with the basic Indesign skills I acquired throughout college.
The front cover of our e-book.
The table of contents of our e-book.

Acquired level C2 in English

Before and after an Erasmus exchange, all participating students need to take a language test to see how much their level of English had improved at the end of the semester.

Before the start of my Erasmus exchange I obtained the overall level C2 in English according to the CEFR. The test is divided into five competences: in detail I obtained level C2 in reading comprehension, listening comprehension and vocabulary –  and level C1 in grammar and key communicative phrases.

At the end of my exchange I had improved my English language skills: I obtained the C2 level in all five competences.